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Monday, April 13, 2009

Breathing New Life Into CarriesCooking

I want to breath new life into CarriesCooking.  I have been thinking about expanding the CarriesCooking blog to include other topics for some time.  At first I started another blog in hopes that off topics that I wanted to voice would have an outlet.  Well, I only got overwhelmed with having two blogs.  So, now I am going to try including several off topic segments in with my recipes.  The plan is to post at least 3 new recipes each week.  Along with those recipes I will be following the below schedule.

Monday - CarriesCooking's Home Recipe 
Things I do to help keep my household running more smoothly.  (Although it is far from a completely smooth ride.)
Tuesday - Baking with CarriesCooking
Just what it sounds like.  Baking recipes.  I want to do more baking, and thought you might like to join me.
Wednesday - Crockpot Recipe Wednesday
Now that I have two kids, one of them a toddler my slow cooker is getting more use.  I am going to make sure you get one new recipe for your crockpot a week.
Thursday - CarriesCooking Tips
I have occasionally posted cooking tips.  I plan to make it part of my weekly plan going forward.
Friday - Weekly Menu and Grocery List
Yes, I plan to bring back the menu and grocery list.  This is the reason I started my website.  I haven't posted a new menu and grocery list in months.  But, I am determined to get back to it.
Saturday - Mommy Aerobics
Things that I do with my kids that either gets my heart pumping or works out my muscles.  (Oh, and the kids have a blast too.)
Sunday - CarriesCooking's Pricebook
A photo of the groceries I picked up that week.  I will post whether it was a frugal trip or not and have an link to my updated pricebook.

I also plan to update the CarriesCooking Food Inventory spreadsheet I maintain and encourage you to do the same on a monthly bases.

So, what do you think?  Do you think you will like the addition of these daily posts?  Or, do you think getting off topic will keep you away from my site?  Please let me know what you think.  I started this blog to help reduce your stress when it came time to figure out what is for dinner.  I want to keep my loyal readers happy.


Sandie said...

This sounds wonderful! I think you will have a lot of fun with it and end up enjoying it much more. I know I struggle with mine because it's just not organized into anything that makes sense lol. And stay away/stop following? Not a chance!!!

Carrie said...


Thank you for the encouraging comment. I do think I will enjoy it more. I had tried to stay away from getting to personal as I thought I should stay professional. But, I have been reading more about what makes blogs successful and getting a little personal seems the way to go.


Kathryn said...

I like your plan for the week. What a smart idea to schedule days for topics.

Congrats on growing helpers, too! Wish I'd been that smart. We're working on making up for lost time at our house. Consistency is key so teaching kids new lessons is always a stretch for me ... constancy and follow through are muscles I am still building.

Carrie said...


I am glad you like the plan.

Consistency is hard. Especially when you are tired. And, when are you not tired. :)


Fatinah said...

I think the proposed set up sounds great - can't wait to read it!

Carrie said...


Thank you for your support. I am very excited to get back into posting and having this structure is just what I need to keep myself writing.