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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Couponers Stand Up For Your Rights!

First, I want to say that I love Krogers.  I have been a loyal shopper since day one.  (My mom is a loyal shopper so that is just where I went.)  Don't get me wrong, I have gone to Walmart and Meijers for the occasional great deal, but Krogers is like home to me.  The main reason I shop there is that I love their store brand.  I practically lived on it before The Grocery Game and even after I check the Kroger brand to make sure after sale and coupon the Kroger brand is not cheaper.  Sometimes it is and that is when I know I really have a great deal.  Whether you are an avid couponer or not I highly recommend the Kroger Store brand.

Now, I want to share to you what happened to me at Krogers today.  I went through the very busy store gathering up my list of great deals and things I needed.  I then went to the check out line excited because I knew I had done well today.  The woman that was ringing up my groceries has been at the store many years.  Being a loyal shopper I recognize most of the people at the registers.  When it came time to ring up my coupons I handed them to her.  I always double check them to make sure there isn't a coupon for an item I didn't purchase in the pile.  When she got to the popcorn coupons she got overwhelmed.  

Kroger is having a buy one get one free on certain Orville Redenbacher's popcorns.  I took advantage of this sale with many coupons.  One coupon for $1 off 2 and 14 $.55 off one box.  This is when she tells me that I must buy 4 boxes to use the $1 off coupon and 2 boxes for every $.55 off coupon.  I couldn't believe what she was telling me.  I am a couponer and I feel I know the stores policies.  I know that if the store is having a buy one get one free sale and I have a buy one get one free coupon that I must buy 4 to get 2 free.  I knew what she was telling me was false.  She just didn't want to ring up all my coupons.

I was upset at this point and told her to give me all my popcorn coupons back and that I wanted to return all of the popcorn.  She did it without any complaints.  I just felt sorry for the people in line behind me.  I am sure it is hard being behind a couponer like me so it was even worse for them when I wanted to return all the popcorn.

When I got out to my car I had all the groceries in my trunk and was feeling very upset.  I decided to call the store from my car to check on their coupon policy.  I explained the situation to the customer service person on the phone and she said that it would be no problem using the coupons the way I was planning.  So I left my groceries in the car, which included milk, in my warm car and ran in to get my popcorn.

By the time I got back in line to pay for my popcorn the lines where crazy.  I stuck it out.  When the cashier had finished ringing me up I handed her my coupons.  She scanned them without any problems and I was out the door.

I must say that if I wasn't a loyal Kroger customer and was just there for some great deals or because it was on my way I would not go back.  I will tell you that I will not be going to that specific cashier again, no matter the line.

On the bright side I did great at the store.  Above is a picture of all the food I bought.  That is 16 boxes of popcorn and 4 gallons of milk.  Yes, my kids love bananas and at .38 a pound I bought a lot.  Any turn too brown I plan to make banana bread.

Spent $79.16
Saved $92.10 or 54%

That doesn't even include the manager's specials on bread or meat that I got.  Yes, I think The Grocery Game is worth every penny.  (Don't forget to include CarriesCooking@gmail.com as your reference if you sign up.)

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Rob said...

I do quite well - although not as well as you - with coupons at the grocery store. And for a whole host of reasons, I rarely go to Wal-Mart for groceries, but this morning we needed a few other items so we decided to do all of the shopping at once, at Wal-Mart.

Those cashiers just burn me up! They're not equipped to deal with my cloth shopping bags. They've very unprepared for handling coupons. They're always backed up - even very early in the morning.

Grrr, I missed my H-E-B this morning!